DolphZiggler lost his first official match in the WWE main roster at WWE Backlash 2017 as he clashed with Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match on Sunday was definitely hard fought as both parties went head to head.

Ziggler was able to hold off his opponent for most of the match but Nakamura’s inverted exploder suplex dazed him. From then he easily cruised to victory.

Ahead of the fight, Ziggler seemed unimpressed by the Jap. He downplayed the achievements of the fighter, looking condescendingly on his lack of experience. Nakamura has a decent CV in NXT and Japan and was set for a strong debut.


In 2014, the WWE introduced the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal into its annual lexicon.

The inaugural over-the-top challenge, which is about to embark on its fourth annual bout this coming April in Orlando was played host to by New Orleans and WrestleMania.

The concept behind the Battle Royal is not a new one on WWE’s grand stage as the event has been hosted on eleven different occasions by the Wrestlemania.

In 2014, the inaugural edition of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was worn by Cesaro. He went on to eliminate Big Show who in the following year, won the next edition in Santa Clara.

Baron Corbin last year won the Battle Royal in what was his WWE debut during the WrestleMania 32 debut in Dallas.

Whereby current plans fall into place, the three previous winners may not enter into the contest for this year in Orlando except they are called in to do double duty.


As the marsh up for WrestleMania keeps increasing, the struggle to be recognized in one of the greatest stages of the competition is becoming quite competitive and entertaining.

This year’s event has recorded a significant push by many superstars looking to prove themselves deserving of an opportunity to compete in wrestling’s most glamorous event.

In recent years, the road to WrestleMania has led to some of the most unexpected and mind blowing confrontations amongst WWE superstars on a weekly basis. As it stands, Braun Strowman might just be on his way to the big event at WrestleMania, after pulling the trigger on Monday Night Raw. The terrible monster as he wants to be described didn’t only interfere in a match at Monday night raw but also went on to destroy two of the three original members of The Shield.

Dolph Ziggler To Represent WWE

The renowned WWE wrestler also known as a comedian, Dolph Ziggler whipped the fans of Cavaliers on Wednesday into frenzy in the Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals which was held against Toronto.

Ziggler impressed the crowd with his humor and helped the crowd to cheer the Cavaliers to achieve 2 more victories in order to play for the world championship. Dolph Ziggler is one of the best professional wrestlers from America, and also known as a stand-up comedian. Ziggler signed his contract with WWE in the year 2004 and has won several championship awards.

The wrestler spoke with the media recently in Greensboro that he is hoping to represent the WWE at the Republican National Convention as well as the Democratic National convention this year. As Ziggler has always been a great fan of politics, he is trying to do more of the work related to politics in the next few years. In addition, the wrestler also said that he is accompanied by an agent who is helping with other projects as well.

Dolph Ziggler Wins In Payback Event

If you witnessed the Payback event that was held on Sunday at a venue in Rosemont, you would probably have witnessed the other matches that were held along with Roman Reigns playing against AJ Styles.

If you checked out the results of the match held between Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler, you would probably think that Corbin won the match if you only saw the first half. However, for those who witnessed it all, Ziggler was able to get the better of him in the end and completely turned the tables of the match.

Indeed, Ziggler is prized in the rings for his talents. Those who are talented enough to challenge the title holder of the WWE World Heavyweight championship are few. There might be several performers in the ring who are talented but among the names that stand out in the minds of fans who are ready to claim the title is Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler. Both have been having good matches for several years now and have positive reactions from the crowds and the fans. Dolph is known to put up a consistent performance in the ring. Being 35 and in exceptional physical shape gives both men credit at this time when newcomers and youngsters are more common.

Lana gets Dolph Ziggler

WWE wrestler manager Lana was expecting to be getting rid of one of the least-dominant wrestlers from her stable, and it finally took place at WWE RAW, just days after WWE Payback!

Apparently, Rusev was not very happy with being ditched, though he can’t really complain as it came hot on the heels of yet another loss to former WWE champ John Cena (for the United States belt on the Payback event on Sunday).

After Rusev had lost the match, Lana grabbed the mike in the centre of the ring and told that the Bulgarian Brute “I Quit” (impressively in Bulgarian!)   Rusev being dumped by Lana was anticipated, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less!