As the marsh up for WrestleMania keeps increasing, the struggle to be recognized in one of the greatest stages of the competition is becoming quite competitive and entertaining.

This year’s event has recorded a significant push by many superstars looking to prove themselves deserving of an opportunity to compete in wrestling’s most glamorous event.

In recent years, the road to WrestleMania has led to some of the most unexpected and mind blowing confrontations amongst WWE superstars on a weekly basis. As it stands, Braun Strowman might just be on his way to the big event at WrestleMania, after pulling the trigger on Monday Night Raw. The terrible monster as he wants to be described didn’t only interfere in a match at Monday night raw but also went on to destroy two of the three original members of The Shield.

The main event at Monday night raw saw Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins square up to fight Universal Champion Kevin Owens alongside Chris Jericho. During the fight, Reigns was about to tag in when Strawman hauled him from behind, yanked him off and then plunge him to the ground in some spectacular sensation. Strowman then stepped into the ring and threw Seth Rollins over the ring much to the delight of the fans. To end the night in style, Owen and Jericho threw Roman Reigns back into the ring, and Braun Strowman finished him up with a running power slam.

This event at WWE Monday night raw sends a clear message to the WWE Universe, WrestleMania is by the corner hence expect the unexpected as we keep tabs on the road to WrestleMania.

This turn of event on Monday night raw has prompted one of biggest WrestleMania rumors from that indicates; Reigns could be on the card to fight Braun Strowman at WrestleMania.