Dolph Ziggler Biography

Dolph Ziggler is a professional wrestler from the United States of America where he is superstar on the roster of RAW, a brand under the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE. Born on the 27th of July, 1980 as Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, he had a previous stint with the WWE as Nicky in 2006, when he was a part of The Spirit Squad and before that, under his real name, as the caddie of Kerwin White or Chavo Guerrero when he used to appear as a golfer to the ring. Ziggler is currently the WWE United States Champion which he won on the 30th of March after defeating Kofi Kingston. Dolph Ziggler was signed by the WWE in 2004 but he was not given a chance to make the television appearance that he desired straightaway. Instead, the company decided to send him to the Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is a development project for young superstars that are signed by the company where they are trained and gain in-ring experience. He made his television debut on RAW in 2005 as the sidekick of White but this stint was to be short lived and he was sent back to the OVW once again.

On his return to the OVW, Ziggler joined The Spirit Squad that made its debut on RAW in the January of 2006 and they were even crowned as the World Tag Team Champions, after which they were sent back to the OVW once again in November of that year. After spending the interim period with the OVW, Ziggler moved to the Florida Championship Wrestling, which is another developmental program of the WWE and here, Dolph Ziggler formed a partnership with Brad Allen. This duo went on to win the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship, a title that Ziggler would win once again with Gavin Spears.

He made his long awaited return to the television episodes of the WWE in September 2008 but he was drafted to Smack Down in the supplemental draft of the WWE in April 2009. However, his current stint in the WWE has been a lot more successful for Ziggler, having won the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE United States Championship as well as the WWE Intercontinental Championship once. Although he is not a spring chicken anymore, Dolph Ziggler is still young in terms of mileage in the WWE and he has to accomplish a lot more to rank among the greatest of wrestlers.

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