Dolph Ziggler’s Main Event Push!

Dolph Ziggler Video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dolph Ziggler’s Main Event Push!”

  1. TheSuperTroller says:

    Cody Rhodes

  2. Prime1607 says:

    I hope Rey gets back at the world heavyweight champion once again

  3. OGJedi2021 says:

    I like dolph seein him get a push face or heel would b cool

  4. iStalkIIIbreadIII says:

    The way Ziggler works is priceless, hes so entertaining, but i miss the old Dolph, this “Show off” gimmick is horrible, Ziggler was always really composed in the ring and payed attention to everything that was going on and now he just does stupid sit ups and stuff, bring back the “Perfection” days of Ziggler and put him in the WH championship picture

  5. TrollingOnlineTV says:

    BUHAHAHA!!! u said Ziggler has mic skills, FACKING BULLSHEET! >_<"

  6. TrollingOnlineTV says:

    All WWE Maineventers are low card forced to Mainevent Tier cause they have nobody legit

  7. TeamRdog says:

    Doplh Ziggler is really good and should have the US Title. WWE should bring back another title, LIKE (cruiserweight championship but name it different and give it a different meaning)

  8. antbomb09 says:

    all good superstars today started with a villain storyline like sheamus’ randy orton’ the rock and john cena and i think dolph ziggler would be a great main eventer

  9. XxTERRAxX9000 says:

    Dolph definetly deserves a push. I even think he’s ready to have an actual World Title reign.

    Thumbs up for Dolph being the next #1 contender 4 the WWE/World Heavyweight Title.

  10. espengslaaen says:

    Dolph ziggler is cool. The only thing i dont like is his finisher (zigg zagg) and that he is a heel…. but still he is the best seller in wwe!!

  11. Dhilan Indal says:

    To make Dolph face they should have The Miz or somebody heel beat Santino for the U.S. title and then have Ziggler step in at a PPV and beat them for the title.

  12. MrKristensen11 says:

    Dolph Ziggler is more than ready for the main-event!
    He has the wrestling ability, mic skills and charisma in his show-off gimmick. And, as you said, he is the best wrestler to sell for another superstar. But now someone needs to sell for him. What he needs to go big time in WWE, is a new finisher … ZigZag isn’t working, when it’s obviously just a slam to the mat, reverse style. Maybe a Piledriver or Angels Wings (Christopher Daniels)

  13. necronspurs2012 says:

    ziggler or barret arnt big material i think kane needs to be the front of wwe for this year

  14. 619Monstro says:


  15. AndyWillKill says:

    I agree Dolph is absolutely my favorite wrestler to watch. They way he can pull off a match and make other stars look good reminds me of Rick Flair. I hope he really gets a push from WWE creative, he deserves it.

  16. robinbaken9 says:

    dolph is by far one of the most talented current superstars and i do think he needs a big push. however, i don’t think he should turn face. I like him as a heel, and many other people do

  17. nero13244 says:

    Dolph is the best young guy in the WWE he deserves it more than anyone to be pushed to the main event scene him and Cody Rhodes need to be the top heels in the company

  18. IaMaLaD2 says:

    Stupid question, is Taker going to return at Survivor Series? Please reply!

  19. kingofthekeysXBL says:

    Wasn’t he supposed to get a main event push back in November? lol.

  20. goseether says:

    I personally think that if WWE needs more talent tjan they should use Dew Mcintyre. What do you think @TeemingTubbyEmu

  21. kie306 says:

    i think dolph ziggler should have had a push along time ago

  22. KisekiTemiro says:

    I think Ziggler could do it, I love Dolph and I seriously hope he gets a good push. Would love to see him get a title shot.

  23. wwefanandy2001 says:

    wwe needs mysterio back he was almost the top dog on raw

  24. bestfighter81 says:

    yeah fuck orton

  25. 11stopmotion says: