Is Dolph Ziggler ready to be a main eventer?

Dolph Ziggler Video Ranking: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Is Dolph Ziggler ready to be a main eventer?”

  1. Uncharted3King says:

    To me, Dolph Ziggler is ready. Not a whole lot of guys in the locker room can put on quality matches like Dolph. The great match he had with CM Punk, when asked about it, he was disappointed in himself because he thought he should have done better! WOW! A mach like that and still wanting to do better shows he’s truly “Perfection.” Superstars can’t be build up the same was as in the 90’s, this is 2011. Mic, Skills, reaction, cocky, support, the recipe is complete. To me, Doplh is the next HBK

  2. ysof0303awesome says:

    Listen shleggy I’m a huge fan of ur show but I you didn’t know dolph ziggler at the WWE house show at11/11/11 he cut a great promo and got a great face/heel reaction and Vickie wasn’t with him and after he finished the promo all the people turned on him and it became all heel reaction. Ps go check it it”s in London 11/11/11

  3. cutter59 says:

    You seemed to forget the match he had with Randy Orton on raw a few months back, he took Randy to the the limit and Orton just barely beat him. I would say that is a defining match for Ziggler showing he can take a main eventer to the limit and almost get the win.

  4. suleman021 says:

    Oh but I like the fact that you don’t like HHH

  5. crh2010 says:

    Oh btw I think Dolph DEFINATELY has the potential to be a HOF’r and a big time star in the wwe, they just need to push him very carefully and not to the point where its laughable

  6. suleman021 says:

    The fact of the matter is, Dolph Ziggler puts on better matches than anyone, that alone is enough for me.

  7. crh2010 says:

    Alot of fans claim the rock “sold out” I dont blame the rock

    And yes I totally agree about brock lesnar hence why he didnt fully respect it and left

    Vince handled the rock very well (meaning his push) he pushed brock too hard, he did the same thing with heidenreich and mordeci

  8. Offtheropesshow says:

    @bloodboy235 You’re right.

  9. bloodboy235 says:

    @Offtheropesshow oh ok im thinking about it he had it through all of December,January,Febuary,March and April

  10. MrKillerrellik2008 says:

    hey schleg, can you do one on christian?

  11. bloodboy235 says:

    you going to do a vid on Cody Rhodes?

  12. bloodboy235 says:

    nice vid but miz had the WWE Title for 5 1/2 – 6 Months

  13. btetirick says:

    I think at the moment he isn’t ready, but he’s much closer then you think. I tjink that all he needs is one good fued (probably with CM Punk), and he would ne ready.

  14. dageekundaground says:

    Building ziggler: Change his name, give him a clean win over Cena, merge his title with Rhodes while sending Cody to the World title picture, have him last at least 30 minutes at the Rumble and take a BEATING from the UNDERTAKER.

  15. TheFunkyDomination says:

    Honestly, I think punk would be pushed but he won’t play ball compared to the others, he’s a dick (I actually like him as a wrestler but he’s still a dick to people in general) and he wasn’t generated by vince i.e. he was self-promoted and self created. 

  16. Doct8r says:

    nice show man

  17. WhitePeopleLoveMe says:

    *exciting smh

  18. WhitePeopleLoveMe says:

    @Offtheropesshow We do have something excising. Cm punk. Best thing the wwe has going.

  19. biogamer100 says:

    Shlegdaddy=One of the only guys in the YWC with some charisma

  20. Super122291 says:

    instead of having vickie on his side he should have a sexy chick with him just like edge had lita as he was starting to become a main eventer make sense right

  21. Homicide2323 says:

    Love the show.

  22. XMizFit4LifeX says:

    I could definitely picture Dolph as a World Champion AFTER cutting Vickie. Dolph has been making a name for himself. He’s improved himself by changing his in ring abilities and improving his mic skills. Dolph’s promos now are WAY better than the ones he cut a year ago, or hell better than this past winter/spring.

  23. tarikjames13 says:

    @mikeybear254 Lmao!

  24. mikeybear254 says:

    you should do JTG lol

  25. TheEbhagzzz says:

    If its up to me, I’d have him last a long time in next years rumble and probably get eliminated in the bottom three. Lose Vickie Guerrero.Then, I agree with your idea of having him go over on a WWE legend at Mania. After that, I know it sounds lame but I’d have him make up like a Dolph Ziggler challenge (similar to the Masterlock challenge, etc) like have him come out and say “nobody can last 10 minutes in the ring with me.” Win MITB and cashes in at the rumble next year?