Ziggler Ruined Roster Debuts – Claims Fans

What is the story behind?

Dolph Ziggler responded to the post on his fan on social media after facing the acquisition of the fan who claims that Ziggler has ruined main roster debuts of a number of Superstars.

On the social media platform, the fans of Ziggler have asserted that, he has destroyed the debuts of a number of performers that were talented. Some of them are Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura by making the matches boring.

Dolph Ziggler, real name is Nicholas Nemeth, in the year 2004; he has performed for the WWE. Now the player is 37 years old and had reached the pinnacle of the sport, he has won the World Heavyweight Championship, but later he was downgraded to the WWE food chain lower-tier.

What the matter is?

Dolph Ziggler played a pivotal role in the WWE as he was the first Superstar to welcome Nakamura, Corbin and Breeze to the main roster. In reference to the fact that are mentioned about, the fans of Ziggler have leveled a charge against him and have accused Ziggler of ruining their main roster debuts by intentionally making the matches boring.

In the response to this allegation, The SmackDown Superstar, choose to make the situation light, reverting the fans with a witty response that he has been ringing it in for years in the WWE.

What is the ext?

At the present time Ziggler performs for the SmackDown brand of the WWE.

If believed that the rumor which has been mentioned above is correct, then he is going to have a character redo and he will be given a push by the WWE very soon. However, this will happen only if the allegations of the fans will be found positive and truthful.